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Solarize Santa Fe

Solarize Santa Fe is a program designed to help City of Santa Fe residents save money, create jobs, and address climate change by increasing access to rooftop solar and energy and water efficiency.

We have negotiated a group discount and consumer protections on solar installations with high quality, pre-vetted installers to make going solar easy and affordable. We also have special offers to make rooftop solar accessible to low-and-moderate income residents. 

The Solarize Santa Fe program for 2023 has ended, but the City expects that it will run the program again in the future. STAY TUNED….  

How It
  1. City of Santa Fe residents sign up for Solarize Santa Fe using the sign-up form, and will receive solar system quotes, from both of our installers. Special pricing is only guaranteed for participants who register through the Solarize program.
  2. The installers will remotely determine the suitability of your home for a solar installation and, if appropriate, provide an initial financial analysis.
  3. If you remain interested, the installer will seek to conduct an in-person assessment of your home, ideally within 10 business days, and prepare a detailed proposal within 5 business days after the site visit.
  4. Our installers will connect you with finance providers and/or our low-and-moderate income customer offerings to maximize savings.
  5. At this point, you decide whether to approve and sign a contract. To participate, you will need to finalize this decision and sign a contract before the deadline.
  6. Our team will also connect you with efficiency programs and resources to reduce your energy and water bills.
  7. The installer will then complete all of the necessary engineering, permitting, and design work for your project.
  8. And with that, you start saving money on your electricity bill and powering your home with clean energy.
Why You Should
Go Solar with us

Save money with Solar. Solar panels can help you save money on your electricity bills over the life of your installation. We also negotiate a significant discount for Solarize Santa Fe participants, making it a better deal than going solar on your own.

Access and Finance Solar. Our installers will guide you to the best financing options for  solar loans particularly for low-and-moderate-income customers. The program’s goal is to make solar cost effective and accessible to homeowners who otherwise can’t afford the upfront cost.

Reduce the hassle. We educate the community about solar and simplify the process for you. Our team will support you in choosing an installer, streamline the installation process, and answer all of your questions.

Support good jobs and the local economy. Solar installations offer living wage careers. Our New Mexico installers are working with YouthWorks apprentices to gain training and experience.

Building community. Through our program, you’ll join a community of your neighbors going solar together. The dollars you spend will stay local, and higher participation in the program allows us to increase our support for low-and-moderate income homeowners.

Have questions? First, check out our FAQ document. If you still have questions, reach out to our team at .

Solarize Santa Fe

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